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Kannel: Mailing Lists

This page lists the mailing lists related to Kannel.

This is the announcement list. It is moderated: anyone can subscribe, but posted messages must be approved by the moderator.
This is the discussion list for using Kannel. It is not moderated.
This is the discussion list for development of Kannel itself. It is not moderated.
This list gets daily reports of changes and test compiles.
Discussion about forming a legal body to take over Kannel copyrights and trademarks and to act as the forum via which the various companies involved in Kannel development can communicate. The organization will not dictate actual development, that belongs to the devel@kannel.org mailing list.
This mailing list allows users of Kannel to interact with commercial vendors, either letting aggregators offer SMSC connectivity here or any other commercial implications arround Kannel and SMS marketing.

Please note that the mailing lists are subscriber-only. If you are not a subscriber and you send a message to a list, it will be held for approval by the list manager. To avoid that delay, please subscribe to the list first. (This policy aims to prevent "spam" or junk email on the mailing lists.)

To subscribe send mail to listname-request@kannel.org. Put subscribe in the subject line or the body of the message. For example, to subscribe to the announcement list, send e-mail to announce-request@kannel.org with the subject or body text subscribe. You will then get an automatic reply to confirm that your e-mail address works; if you reply to that, you'll get subscribed to the list.

If you want to add another address to the list than the one you are sending e-mail from, send mail to listname-request@kannel.org with the subject or body text subscribe address=your-address.

Similarly, to unsubscribe, send e-mail to listname-request@kannel.org from the address you are subscribed, with the subject or body text unsubscribe; or to listname-request@kannel.org with the text unsubscribe address=your-address if you want to unsubscribe some other address. Unsubscriptions are also handled automatically and need to be confirmed.

Alternatively, you can use the Mailman web interface to subscribe and unsubscribe.


Archives of the mailing lists are available via the list overview page.

mail-archive.com provide searchable archives of the devel list and the users list. (Archives from before 4th March 2003 can be found separately, for the devel list and the users list, because the lists moved on that date.)

Mailing lists are also archived and available as newsgroups, at news.gmane.org, under gmane.comp.mobile.kannel.users, gmane.comp.mobile.kannel.devel and gmane.comp.mobile.kannel.announce (read only).


Please don't send the same message to more than one mailing list. If a message seems to fit in several lists, then pick one of them. Holding a discussion across several mailing lists is annoying for people who read all of them (they will get multiple copies of most messages), and confusing for people who do not (they will miss parts of the discussion).

When you reply to a message on the mailing list, don't send a copy both to the list and the person you're replying to. This causes unnecessary mail traffic to the active people on the list, and an unnecessary burden.

Please don't ask questions directly from people, but use the list. This way everyone can answer, meaning that a single person is not responsible for answering all the questions, and everyone else can also benefit from the answer.

When you ask questions on the lists, please remember to provide all necessary information related to the question. Below is an example list of information that could help resolve the problem.

  • Operating system and version.
  • Kannel version.
  • Libxml version.
  • Used client
  • Single or multi processor machine.
  • Attach Kannel configuration file (remove passwords and login information!).
  • Attach Kannel log files from the failed attempt.

Thanks to for supporting us.

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