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Kannel: Authors and Contributors

This page lists the authors and contributors to Kannel.

Aarno Syvänen (as at gni.ch)

  • wapbox (WTP, WSP)
  • Push Proxy Gateway (PPG)

Andreas Fink (andreas at fink.org)

  • New AT driver
  • Delivery Reports
  • MySQL support
  • Adaptions for MacOS X
  • Bugfixes bugfixes bugfixes

Stipe Tolj (st at tolj.org, stolj at kannel.org)

  • Overall project co-ordination
  • Chief Systems Architect
  • Release cycle management
  • SSL server side implementations
  • Cygwin port for Win32 support
  • MSISDN provisioning concept for WAP using RADIUS and MySQL
  • Numerious comments, improvements and bugfixes
  • Abstraction layer improvements for external modules
  • Database pool concepts
  • Core gw and gwlib items

Alexander Malysh (amalysh at kannel.org)

  • Huge ammount of fixes and improvements in all areas (mainly SMS related)
  • Our performance and stability crack
  • DLR abstraction layer
  • Numerious comments, improvements and assistance in mailing lists
  • Core gw and gwlib items

Paul Keogh (paul.keogh at anam.ie)

  • Porting Kannel to Windows NT (natively)
  • WAP cookies support
  • and more

Vincent Chavanis (vincent at telemaque.fr)

  • Various bugfixes, mainly EMI/UCP
  • Active bug report resolver

Martin Conte (reflejo at gmail.com)

  • Various bugfixes, mainly SMPP
  • Active bug report resolver

Nikos Balkanas (nbalkanas at inaccessnetworks.com)

  • Completed WTLS implementation
  • Various bugfixes
  • Active bug report resolver

In addition, a number of people have sent small patches, see the ChangeLog for details.

Old contributors

The following people are no longer actively participating in Kannel.

Lars Wirzenius.

  • Main system architecture design, wapbox

Peter Grönholm

  • External relations, prototype WML converter (now removed), FAQ, www.kannel.org.

Tuomas Luttinen

  • WML compiler

Richard Braakman

  • CIMD2 implementation
  • gwlib design

Mikael Guec

  • smsbox, bearerbox (especially SMS center protocols), old HTTP implementation.

Sanna Seppänen

  • Maintained old HTTP code

Markku Rossi (mtr at iki.fi)

  • WMLScript compiler

Hao Shi

  • SEMA SMS2000 implementation

Kean-Leong Ang (kean.leong.ang at my.arthurandersen.com)

  • Ensuring portability for FreeBSD flavors

Taneli Leppä (rosmo at sektori.com)

  • RPM packages

Yann Muller (ymuller at 3glab.com)

  • Old GSM modem driver

Bruno Rodrigues (bruno.rodrigues at litux.org)

  • Several EMI2, AT and smsbox patches

Joerg Pommnitz (jpo at condat.de)

  • Various bugfixes

Derry Hamilton (rasilon at tardis.ed.ac.uk)

  • Solaris portability and packaging.

Kalle Marjola (kmarjola at enpocket.com)

  • Core system architecture for bearerbox, smsbox, wapbox (WSP headers)

Thanks to for supporting us.

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