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Hi! Stipe!

Can i know the cost of this smppbox?

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Anand Gupta wrote:

> Hi Everyone!
> I know probably this is the wrong question, but can anyone tell me that if 
> i want to run a smpp server, what software is available which i can use ? 
> I saw the logica site, and the smpp library, but what i am looking for is 
> a complete software which i can use. I would prefer open source...

Hi Anand,

the SMPP v3.4 server market is usually not open source, as CMG/Logica, 
and other vendors value their products and don't share such server side 

Nevertheless some of Kannel developers, including Rene and me (Alex maybe 
offer server side extentions to Kannel.

In my case this beast is called smppbox that is able to act as a full-blown 
v3.4 server. Hence allowing you to connect own customers via SMPP and 
all MT traffic via Kannel's bearerbox to any of the supported protocolls.

But even those servers from the Kannel developers are NOT open source. They 
subject to a commercial license agreement.


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