Please help about Bearerbox and Smsbox communication detail

Stipe Tolj st at
Mon Nov 28 15:35:44 CET 2011

Am 25.11.2011 19:31, schrieb Rene Kluwen:
> The tcp protocol from smsbox to bearerbox is binary. Apart from connecting to
> the smsbox-port via telnet, you won’t get any far.
> If you want to implement your own smsbox protocol, look at the sources: mainly
> the functions:
> -connect_to_bearerbox_real()
> -write_to_bearerbox_real()
> -read_from_bearerbox_real()

or you study our 'membox' SVN repository, which is a "smaller" smsbox 
application. You can find it at URL:


should be most interesting here for you.


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