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Hi everyone,


I was told by the users-list to get in touch with devel team because of my
issue regarding the kannel foreign message id.


I have a HTTP based gateway (SMSC), and the dlr-mask and dlr-url are useless
in this case because the operator returns me the DLR without going through


I’ll try to explain how it Works:


1)      I send the message to Kannel so it will post to my SMSC HTTP BASED

2)      It is required for me to inform an unique internal message id, which
is generated by my application.

3)      This parameter cant be send through dlr-url, it sould be part of
“send-url” parameters.

4)      The gateway receives the message and puts it on queue

5)      After the message gets processed, the gateway postback to me the
final DLR to another and external URL.


So for example, I have this line in my kannel.conf file:


Send-url =


So I ask you guys, how can I send a parameter to Kannel (for example
/cgi-bin/sendsms?user=1&pass=2&to=3&text=4&foreign_id=150 – where 150 is my
internal code)?


If I just dont send my internal key, the operator wont be able to post me
back the final status.


What can I do in order to have this working? Does kannel supports
personalized fields while receiving the HTTP requests?


Thanks in advance.


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