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I see an excellent opportunity for you, Nikos, to prove your skills, writing
documentation :)

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Dear Rene,

Thanks a lot for this contribution. Upon succesful acceptance by kannel in 
the main svn, bear in mind that an additional component will be needed: a 
patch to kannel's User's guide. This is a requirement to every patch 
submitted to kannel. Can you take care of it?

@Alex: This is a long awaited feature to bearerbox. It is also the second 
large contribution by Chimit. According to Rene it has been used in 
production for over a year without problems. I would like to see it in 
mainstream kannel. Is it feasible?

My vote is +++1

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> Lectori Salutem,
> This email is about Chimit's smppbox.
> The rights to the smppbox code have been obtained by a third party, but
> fortunately there is some good news for the open source community.
> An early version of smppbox (smpp v.3.0) will now be donated back to the
> community. This version is by no means perfect and developers and 
> investors
> are invited to contribute. All in the spirit of being an open-source
> community.
> Chimit already developed the successful sqlbox, which is now part of the
> main stream Kannel distribution, so if we all cooperate, this smppbox can 
> go
> the same way.
> To get you started, here is a preliminary download:
> Unfortunately, due to the expected response, we cannot give you support on
> this software, other than via the usual Kannel users mailing groups. There
> is nobody with experience on this particular matter of software, so please
> bear with me. I have little time to spend on free software. But releasing
> smppbox is a priority now, even when I cannot give sufficient support to 
> all
> of you.
> If you want a carrier-grade, commerialy widely deployed smppbox or EMI
> server functionality, we direct you to the alternatives. For instance the
> smppbox that Stipe Tolj provides (st at
> Cheers to all,
> Rene Kluwen
> Chimit

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