Patch: test/drive_smpp.c

Milan P. Stanic mps at
Sun Jul 4 11:52:23 CEST 2010

On Sun, 2010-07-04 at 00:58, Nikos Balkanas wrote:
> I am very sorry. My apologies for the missunderstanding. My
> impression is that identation means replacing tabs with spaces and
> aligning left text according to level. I see here that you are
> actually asking about source code reformatting and even for a code
> change. Some of the styling options that you ask, especially that
> "if" statement, are unreadable by several people, including me.
> Well, not exactly unreadable, but very difficult to read. And that
> is a problem in the case of the author who is called to support it.
> Who decided on this style anyway?

In the free/open source software usually maintainers are those who set
the rules and style.

[ And usually (as is the case in kannel) these rules and style are far
  better than in commercial software ]

Kind regards,  Milan
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