Need help in BearerBox and Smsbox Syncrinozation help

adil nazir adil_nazir50 at
Fri Aug 6 17:44:55 CEST 2010

Dear Friends,

I need your help i want to modify BearerBox and  SMSBox to make SMSBox 
synchronize with BearerBox. I want this because i  want to control my BearerBox 
queue, so that when BearerBox start filling  its queue, then SMSBox must stop 
sending messages and give time to the  BearerBox to handle its queued messages 
first. please guide me how can i  do this i am new on Kannel. I have another 
solution to do this i should  modify BearerBox queue in such a way that it 
strictly follow the  behavior of priority queue and messages stored in the queue 
should have greater priority then the incoming messages. but i also do not know 
how to do this?
 These  are the 2 solutions to achieve one goal which is to give more priority  
to the messages then the incoming messages. Please guide me how can i do  this 
where i need modifications in code? and which method is good for  that and also 
you can give me some easy and new suggestions to do this? 

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