[PATCH] Smppbox acks

Rene Kluwen rene.kluwen at chimit.nl
Mon Aug 2 15:36:07 CEST 2010

Not receiving acks is only on topic if the connection is bad, somewhere.
Probably you will need to reconnect in that case anyway.

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What bothers me a bit about this patch is that messages we don't
receive ack for are going to stay in memory forever, well, as long the
boxc is alive. A proper timeout mechanism would be a nice bonus.

2010/8/2 Rene Kluwen <rene.kluwen at chimit.nl>:
> Here is a more advanced patch. Messages to bearerbox are acked, once the deliver_sm_resp pdu is in.
> Also submit_sm pdu's get their responses, after bearerbox has acked the message. And if not, a failure notice is returned.
> Before, message acks were given right away, without checking for failure or rejection.
> Tomasz: Would it be possible for you to test this patch in your environment?
> Victor: Would you review for stupidities?
> Comments are welcome.
> == Rene

Best regards,
 Victor Luchitz

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