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You are mistaken. I am not taunting you, not even addressing you. Please get your facts straight before you mail insults.

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  Hi Nikos,

  I ain't sure where you are taking this, but I guess I know, so if you are hurling taunts about anything I suggest you find someone else, as you have completely misunderstood my requirement and my question here in the first place.
  I ain't interfering with Kannel's DLR handling at all we have been using kannel for 3 years now and I guess that much time is enough to know about any software what it does good or bad. I never said we were talking about DLR's god knows from where you got that notion. 
  We do not use the smsbox but a proprietary smppbox (licensed from Stipe Tolj) and we parse the log records whether MT or MO to get the information about messages and their delivery reports from log files to db.

  Yes I am aware about the dlr-url feature of smsbox to get dlr HTTP Posted back to me, but as mentioned above we do it other way.

  Nikos Balkanas wrote: 

    Alok's way is superior to kannel's DLR handling. It inserts to the DB much more information about the original message than can be obtained through the DLRs alone and passed on to the dlr-url. 

    If anyone has reduced the resolution of the logs, I am sure it was unintentional. 

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        Sorry I didn't get you. 

      Are you programmatically looking for sent/failed SMS by looking 
      at Kannel logs? 

        Guillaume Cottenceau wrote: 

            Alok Vaidya <alok 'at'> writes: 


                Thanks for replying. Yes I checked the documentation we can certainly have a 
                custom format, but it is about the events that I talking here like "Sent SMS"/ 
                "FAILED SMS"/"Discarded SMS" etc., I see some changes there. Mostly I have 
                figured them out but, I fail to understand some other entries which I have 
                mentioned below as also I want to know more such changes. 

                Let me elaborate why this causes problems. Our parser uses patterns such as 
                "Failed SMS" to search for current (14.2 box) entries, now this event logging 
                has changed to "FAILED SEND SMS" naturally this will not be picked up and hence 
                we loose on such entries. That's my point here. 

            I might be a little off topic, but why not using the mechanism 
            made for that kind of things, e.g. receiving delivery reports 
            from Kannel? It is supported, lets you ask what information you 
            need, and is of course "supported" accross versions. 

      Guillaume Cottenceau 

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