Kannel confuse me for two weeks, I need your help.

Alejandro Guerrieri aguerrieri at kannel.org
Mon Nov 30 16:50:23 CET 2009

Please try the users mailing list, this one is for Kannel _developing_  
(mainly source-code related questions).

Alejandro Guerrieri
aguerrieri at kannel.org

On 30/11/2009, at 16:46, 陈波 wrote:

> Hi friends,
>     I try to configurate a kannel wap gate, But I failed to let the  
> client access the wap gate.
>     I have done these works in the last two weeks.
>     firstly, I setup a nokia client simulator(nokia 7210 SDK), the  
> only configuration is gateway IP, I set it to, which is  
> the kannel wap server. The port is 9200.
>     secondly, I setup a kannel wap gate in Cent OS 5(linux), and I  
> run the kannel wap gate after I configurating the wap server.
>     thirdly, I connet to the website http://gmail.com in nokia  
> client simulator, but the client show me a message No Gateway  
> Reply(see attached file Nokia client simulator.JPG), in the same  
> time, the server show me some message(see attached file bearerbox  
> console message.txt and wapbox console message.txt).
>     Besides, you can read my kannelwap.conf file(see attached file  
> wapkannel.conf), some errors?
>     Lastly, my kannel version is 1.4.3 stable, and linux OS is Cent  
> OS 5.
>     I have searched the internet around the world, and read many  
> pages about this problem but I can't solve it. Now I can do nothing  
> but turning to this mail list. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
> boocheen
> 2009.11.30
> <bearerbox console message.txt><wapkannel.conf><Nokia client  
> simulator.JPG><wapbox console message.txt>

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