memory leak in octstr_imm

Nikos Balkanas nbal at
Wed Nov 25 13:55:55 CET 2009

Yeap. But be careful. Immutables are not released before the end. It is a 
very bad idea to use them in recurring functions. That's why the only place 
they are used is in initialization & configuration.

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>I don't think so, immutables are kept in memory until the process 
>finishes. That's by design.
> Read the comments on gwlib/octstr.h, there's an explanation about it 
> there.
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> On 25/11/2009, at 12:04, Dilan Anuruddha wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>       I've been using kannel libraries for a campus project. When we 
>> create Octstr objects using octstr_imm (e.g. when we pass arguments  to a 
>> function), we don't release the memory.... Isn't this leaking  memory??? 
>> So do we have to explicitly release memory inside the  function????
>> thanks in advance,
>> Dilan

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