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Thu Nov 19 01:41:36 CET 2009

Hello Alvaro,

Indeed the same would suffice for kannel, but when the it comes to usage with smppbox, I personally don't think it is enough for that is our experience.

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Kannel is a backend or a gateway for sending/receiving messages.
Kannel is designed to handle huge amount of SMS traffic transparently
to/from any external application, so you don´t need to handle all kind
of protocol issues.

All you said is usually done through an external application of your
own, with whom you can do all filtering/billing/features you

You do not need to patch / modify kannel for do what you want. Just
with your own frontend will suffice.



On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 6:27 PM, Sreekanth GS <sreekanth at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> We are presently engaged in using kannel as our SMPP Client, and for the
> backend of smppbox. However, the interfacing to bearerboxes has been quite
> inadequate for us.
> Hence, we plan to develop a viable interface to bearerbox that will/can:
> 1. Accept connections from smppbox, smsbox, sqlbox etc.
> 2. Log received MSG structs to a db pool.
> 3. Select specific messages from db pool using regex.
> 4. Transmit selected messages in (3) to bearerbox.
> Similarly, catch MO/DLR returned by bearerbox.
> 1. Select specific messages from db MO/DLR pool using regex.
> 2. Send back the same to smppbox, smsbox, sqlbox etc.
> Why all this?
> smppbox transmits messages directly to bearerbox.
> -> There is no hold and transmit scenario.
> -> Manual approval of messages is not possible (in case of spam threats).
> -> In between prioritizing of messages is not possible.
> -> Manual modification of data is impossible, only automates is possible
> using plugins.
> -> Reject messages, hold messages (in case of queues at off-times/night) for
> a duration is impossible
> -> There is no flexible control over the messages.
> How to proceed:
> 1. Accept connections from other boxes.
> 2. Communicate with other boxes.
> 3. Store and retrieve data to and from db pool.
> 4. Communicate with bearerbox.
> Hoping to see some helping hands,
> Regards,
> Sreekanth

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