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Mon Nov 16 14:48:16 CET 2009

Dear Stipe,

The patch is back, fresh and new. Please take the time to play around. I 
tested it several times installing/uninstalling, so there should be no 
issues. It took a while, too, since i had to open ports in the firewall, 

We have never tested it against the Nokia simulator, only against winwap, 
openwave (simulators) and various Nokia & Ericson mobiles.

The patch was tested in Solaris with winwap. I am surprised last time you 
got a clean compilation.

In the sources, one thing that I definitely intend to change is the 
interface with wapbox (initialization & dispatching).

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> Dear Stipe,
> Thanks for taking the time to test it. Anybody reading this, hold testing 
> for now. Let me explain:
> As mentioned, wtls has been thoroughly tested in Solaris, not by sending 
> millions of requests, but by individual requests from real phones and 
> simulators. It shouldn't have such issues!
> I am afraid that the patch did not come out right and will have to 
> resubmit. The log entry from 9203:
> 2009-11-13 17:28:16 [17493] [9] DEBUG: You need to create 
> wtls_pdulist_destroy!
> shows that at least ./wap/wap_events.c is not patched. I am not using it 
> in the final code.
> My apologies, let me take another look at it over the weekend and resubmit 
> on Monday.
> BR,
> Nikos
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>> Nikos Balkanas schrieb:
>>> Dear friends,
>>> This is a long overdue contribution to kannel's wap. It will provide
>>> wtls functionality. It has been thoroughly tested in Solaris, and
>>> compiles cleanly in Linux.
>>> I used indent to format the structure, so a lot of the differences will
>>> be formatting. Nevertheless, there is a lot of code in there that needed
>>> to make it work. Let me know if the cvs diff is the best way to submit
>>> it, or whether a tarball of the sources would be better. I've have had
>>> some issues with cvs diff in the past, so if you get any compilation
>>> warnings, I may have to go with a tarball.
>> Hi Nikos,
>> first of all, congratulations for the enormous work effort put into the 
>> layer here. We're overwhelmed, and grateful for such a contributer like 
>> you are. :)
>> As promised, I gave it a quick shot to see how it works out. In fact I 
>> haven't
>> reviewed the code much, bust had just a rudimentary glance over it. I 
>> rather
>> tried it in real, against a Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0 Simulator (on top of 
>> Win32/XP).
>> wapbox.9202.log contains the log for accessing port 9202 (connection-less 
>> secure
>> mode), which bangs (PANICs) after some time.
>> wapbox.9203.log contains the log for accessing port 9203 
>> (connection-orientated
>> secure mode), which seems to do something useful, but starts to loop at 
>> some point.
>> In both cases, I don't get any clean page view of the WML deck, adressing
>> In 9203 mode, I get from the Nokia Diagnostic tool at least the following
>> details presented:
>> - WTLS session ID: 76220880
>> - Algorithms:
>>  Bulk Enc: RC5_CBC
>>  MAC: SHA1
>>  Key Exchange: RSA_anon
>>  Compression: none
>> - Key Size:
>>  Bulk Enc: 8
>>  MAC: 20
>>  Key Exchange: 30575
>>  Compression: none
>> - Certificates: none
>> Hope this helps.
>> Actually I would love to try it with a real phone (i.e. my old Nokia 
>> 7110), but
>> I don't have it right now available. So if there are some more people out 
>> there
>> to give Nikos a hand in debugging, please test with a real device.
>> Stipe
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