[PATCH] Fix MO concatenation

Alexander Malysh amalysh at kannel.org
Wed Nov 11 15:16:25 CET 2009


attached if patch that fixes issue in MO concatenation handling. Just example:

	- First MO with 2 parts (from:123, to:456, reference id in concat=0, udh=A)
	- Second MO also with 2 parts (from:123, to:456, reference id in concat=0, udh=B)

Now when we receive part 1 from first MO and then part 2 from second MO we will put them together.

We are not really able to differentiate First MO parts and second MO parts but we at least able to minimize
possibility to wrong assemble parts when we check whether UDH (without concatenation info) is the same.

Please check attached patch.
Looking for feedback...

Alexander Malysh
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