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Nikos Balkanas nbalkanas at
Fri Nov 6 22:27:56 CET 2009


The counter should not be affected by gwlib/log.c: log_reopen(). All openned 
files are closed and then openned without changing num_logfiles.

However, this would be an excellent place to do some debugging. You print 
logfiles[i].filename from there. This way when you have the problem you 
could check for anything suspicious by sending a kill -HUP.

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> log.c, line 104:
> #define MAX_LOGFILES 128
> Is there any reason why this number is so low? After adding about 30  smsc 
> connections, I've started getting "Too many log files already  open, not 
> adding XXXXX" errors. This is probably because the  connections use more 
> than one file descriptor, or maybe the counter  doesn't get reset after 
> rotating logs or something?
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