Mysql with short wait_timeout

Alexander Malysh amalysh at
Tue Jul 28 10:49:31 CEST 2009


Am 28.07.2009 um 09:59 schrieb Guillaume Cottenceau:

> Alexander Malysh <amalysh 'at'> writes:
>> If your mysql instance is not allowing to connect anymore then  
>> kannel has only
>> 2 options:
>> 1) panic, this is what we doing now
>> 2) try to connect in a loop with some timeout and if reconnect was  
>> not
>> successfull panic.
>>     timeout should not be too big becuase otherwise SMSC will  
>> timeout PDU and
>> try to resend it.
> As delivery reports are not essential to the operation of Kannel,
> maybe Kannel should ignore the DLR-related operation after a
> short timeout, if it didn't succeed, instead of panicing?

Kannel can't decide whether DLRs are essential or not. For some  
usecases DLRs are essential (tip: billing MTs).
If DLRs are not essential for you then don't enable it...

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> Guillaume Cottenceau

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