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Stipe Tolj st at tolj.org
Sat Feb 21 01:28:32 CET 2009

Nikos Balkanas schrieb:
> OK. I think I sorted it out. Both patches you gave me are actually from 
> Brainstorm solutions (3ui.com). First tarball is the actual files and 
> the next is a patch file to kannel 1.0.3. Better get dues right, else we 
> might get sued over the list :-)
> The files in the kannel distribution are from 3G Labs. They are actually 
> fewer than the Brainstorm ones:
> wap/wtls-secmgr.c
> wap/wtls_pdu.c
> wap/wtls_statesupport.c
> wap/wtls.c
> wap/wtls_pdusupport.c
> Since they are fewer and already integrated into kannel (configuration, 
> etc.) I propose I work with them, unless you think they are not 
> workable. What do you think?

as mentioned, my road map would be:

- use the things already in Kannel, 3G Lab did things good at that time, 
so this is considerable reliable. (but too less).
- use the 3ui code as "how the details work", and migrate that to the 3G 
Lab code base.

That's my proposed approach.


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