[PATCH] EMI_X25 smsc module support for high speed modems

Vincent CHAVANIS v.chavanis at telemaque.fr
Mon Feb 16 19:53:14 CET 2009

The function do not *set* any bps.
And i don't see any default cases.

The system will just follows the max->min speeds
in order to found the best speed available
from the OS.

Did i miss something Paul ?
Your previous patch allows non-standard systems
to set at least B9600, if B9600 != 9600
we will set the user value, right ?

(If i remeber well, an issue on old SunOS
and NetBSD version seems to not define 9600 as B9600)


Nikos Balkanas a e'crit :
> Not exactly the same. In the default case you are supposed to set it to 
> the actual bps requested, not to 9600. Could you update?
> BR,
> Nikos
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