[PATCH] SMPP Throttling

Alexander Malysh amalysh at kannel.org
Tue Feb 10 16:00:44 CET 2009


try attached patch... main loop in smpp module should be fixed as well  
but this another story...

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Am 10.02.2009 um 14:40 schrieb Alexander Malysh:

> Hi,
> yes, your patch seems to fix gwthread_wakeup but it's wrong too  
> because we _may_ not sleep on transceiver bind because we could take  
> too long to respond to dlr/mo. I have patch here for throttling,  
> will try to rebase it...
> Thanks,
> Alex
> Donald Jackson schrieb:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Here is a patch I have created for SMPP throttling. To easily
>> duplicate the bug you can take the following actions:
>> -- Configure SMPP bind with very low throughput (ie: 0.1)
>> -- Send 100 messages in quick succession
>> What you can see from the debug output times is that when
>> send_messages() is supposed to be sleeping for throttling purposes,  
>> it
>> will get woken up by send_msg_cb()'s
>> gwthread_wakeup(smpp->transmitter); call.
>> This causes inaccuracy in the sleep time as the thread is prematurely
>> woken up. This causes many throttling errors on high volume/load
>> Kannel installations because of the increased throttling errors and
>> the current default throttling sleep time which I see is being  
>> changed
>> ;) My patch simply let's send_messages() indicate that it is sleeping
>> for throttling purposes and shouldn't be woken up.
>> Good luck!
>> --
>> Donald Jackson
>> http://www.ddj.co.za/
>> donaldjster(a)gmail.com

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