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Tue Jul 15 23:36:23 CEST 2008

Kaneza Innocent schrieb:
> As you can see, I have different sms-services configured and one of them 
> which is default handles all the services I didn’t configure directly in 
> kannel. But what is happening is that when I do a request it matches the 
> first character (in this situation g like if I have a keyword called 
> giraffe kannel interprets it as it is the game keyword)
> Is it a bug in the CVS version or there is an error in my configuration?

Hi Kaneza,

it's no bug, it's a semantical error in your interpretation how the keyword 
matching happens inside Kannel.

The first 'alias = g;gme' causes to catch _ANY_ word starting with g.

I suggest using 'keyword-regex' on all groups, and leave the final group as 
'default' to catch-all others that didn't match in the previous regex patterns. 
With regex you can specify more complex match patterns.

Check out the web about regular expressions (regex).


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