Kannel on AIX - is it necessary to explicitly link against wtc8/wtc9?

Stipe Tolj st at tolj.org
Wed Jul 2 16:40:38 CEST 2008

Bostock James schrieb:
> My question is whether it is necessary to explicitly check for libwtc8
> or libwtc9 (note that there is no corresponding library for Oracle 10)?
> Is it not sufficient to link against libclntsh?

we have a more recent version of configure.in's oracle detection logic in CVS 
HEAD branch:

         dnl Check for Oracle 10g instant client
         if test -f "$ORACLE_LIB_PATH/libnnz10.so" && \
            test -f "$ORACLE_LIB_PATH/libclntsh.so.10.1"; then
           LIBS="$LIBS -lnnz10"
           AC_CHECK_LIB(clntsh,OCIEnvCreate,[ LIBS="$LIBS -lclntsh -lnnz10" ],exit)
           AC_CHECK_LIB(clntsh,OCIEnvCreate,[ LIBS="$LIBS -lclntsh" ],exit)

         dnl Beware that Oracle 10g doesn't use anymore the libwtcX.so libs,
         dnl so we don't break hard in case they are not present.
         if test -f "$ORACLE_HOME/lib/libwtc8.so"; then
           AC_CHECK_LIB(wtc8,wtcstu,[ LIBS="$LIBS -lwtc8" ],AC_MSG_ERROR([Oracle 
libwtc8.so not found]))
         if test -f "$ORACLE_HOME/lib/libwtc9.so"; then
           AC_CHECK_LIB(wtc9,wtcstu,[ LIBS="$LIBS -lwtc9" ],AC_MSG_ERROR([Oracle 
libwtc9.so not found]))

which only tries to run the AC_CECK_LIB() macros if the library files are really 

Can you please checkout a CVS working copy, since this is way more recent then 
1.4.1 stable.


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