[PATCH] multipart MIME output

Stipe Tolj st at tolj.org
Wed Jul 2 16:32:35 CEST 2008

P. A. Bagyenda schrieb:
> hi,
> For a while I've noticed spurious CRLF at the end of body parts inside 
> multipart MIME messages.  I believe I have tracked this down to a couple 
> of bugs in the gwlib/mime.c  module, which is used heavily by Mbuni MMS 
> Gateway.
>  Attached patch fixes these. Broadly, the code was too complicated for 
> what should have been a simpler task (thanks partly to your truly!). 
> I've tried to simplify the code to be true to RFC 2046 Sec. 5. Tests 
> confirm that it is doing the right thing now.
>  In addition, the test case for multipart mime is actually mal-formed 
> itself :(, lacking CRLF after each header, and at certain boundaries. A 
> cleaner one is attached.

Thanks again Paul. Committed to CVS:

2008-07-02  Stipe Tolj  <stolj at kannel.org>
     * gwlib/mime.c: fix and relax function mime_entity_to_octstr() for end of
       line chars. Thanks to Paul Bagyenda for providing the patch.
       [Msg-Id: <841FABF4-5733-4610-B097-19120DF0CD4A at dsmagic.com>]
     * test/mime-multipart.txt: demo MIME multipart input file for test/


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