[PATCH] Include milliseconds in logging

Stipe Tolj st at tolj.org
Fri Jan 11 16:37:39 CET 2008

Vincent CHAVANIS schrieb:
> Why do we need this ?
> As we don't need to change it at start as we are not/are using localtime 
> at start

now, simple: your patch results in a "hard decission" for w/o milliseconds at 
compile time. But we want a more flexible way via config diretive. In order to 
have a fast runtime, we assign the function pointer while config parsing to the 
desired w/o milliseconds function an keep running the same call over runtime.

My concern with the config directive was an unnecessary if statement operation 
on EACH log event, but as the example shows, this can be easily avoided by 
assigning the function pointer, and we still keep flexibility. We could even 
switch while runtime via signaling or HTTP admin interface.


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