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You know, the more I contemplate what I am proposing - what I am really saying is that I would like to be able to contribute back to the Text messaging community. The code we have built is tied ultra heavily to Kannel, however we have a lot of information regarding Messaging providers/aggregators, Modem Snafus, SIM snafus, Routing Issues, Shortcodes, OS compatibility matrices and so forth. I want to get the full blessing of the Kannel team as to where to put this stuff.

As a short FYI - we are the makers of and I am a former employee of Upside Wireless the makers of


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We enhanced the syslogging to include more than just wapbox but all aspects of the service as well as remote UDP syslogging and slightly easier configuration.

I forgot to mention that we have some seriously beta code for some funky XMPP base remote modems (windows mobile phones running XMPP clients) but that may never see the light of day.

Put me +1 for SVN
Put me down for +1 for a wiki (I don't care if it is under KSF or someone else)

Thanks again!

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On 08.08.2008, at 08:24, Christian Jensen wrote:

I would like to be able to post up my .NET HTTP code somewhere along with my Samba 75 modem init strings.

That could go into the utils folder or the like or in the web documentation (both in CVS)

Maybe even a few config file examples for typical usage. If I had a Wiki, I could do all that myself.

There are a few in the CVS tree.

 Would it be a really bad thing for me to open up a wiki on one of those site I mentioned and have you link to it?

To be disussed in the group. My vote is neutral

 I have also a set of code changes for adding Syslog reporting and Redhat RPMs with their respective init strings - however since I despise CVS I used the source instead of checking out - which brings me to my second overall point for using one of those services - they use SVN which in my opinion is much more modern.

there is syslog logging already. what did you add then?
THere was a recent discussion about switching to SVN or GIT. So far SVN made the race but the transition was never done. Stipe: shall we envisage this when we move the server or should we do it now?

Lastly, I am tasked to get mbuni operational in the next 120 days and would love to be able to put my RPMs somewhere.

I can host them.

 The current process seems to closed for my taste - as I understand it the process is to submit my stuff and have someone else add it as they see fit - is that correct?

this is correct for newbee's. cracks get access to CVS and do it themselves :-)

I do appreciate all the hard work that has been put into the project, but I do think development can be accelerated by opening up the development to more people. Am I wrong?


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On 08.08.2008, at 08:05, Christian Jensen wrote:

I have no issue participating in the devel list - will do.

Has there been any talk about moving the project over to a managed hosting solution? Sourceforge, Google Code or Codeplex?

No there's so far no need for it.
There's a group of core developers and there's a dedicated server working fine.

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On 08.08.2008, at 00:28, Christian Jensen wrote:


I find myself wanting to commit the fixes and mods back into the source tree - what is the best process?

participate in the mailing list and send it to devel at<mailto:devel at>

I also have a ton of information to provide for the documentation - is there a Wiki somewhere?

no there isn't.

But feel free to send.

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