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what is the version of kannel are you using ?
is this is >=1.4.2, are you using store-type = spool ?


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  Hi Vincent,


  The reason why the messages were queued is still unknown. Our guess is that the connection to the provider was broken at some point (or they refused them) and the messages were queued during that time. What we are sure is that they were queued over a long period of time a small bunch at a time (like 10 per days.)


  We are using smpp, emi, cimd as driver. The messages queue belong to different SMSC (mostly smpp and emi)


  We didn't see any performance problem, however we would prefer SMS not reaching customer after say 7 days of the initial attempt.


  We just realized last week that there was that many messages queued.



  Mathieu Bruneau


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  Hi mathieu,


  Why are you waiting for 300 messages :

  - Are you sending mass-messaging and the SMSC could'nt ack ?

  - What SMSC driver are you using ? (smpp, ucp, http ?)

  - Is this really annoying (in terms of performance)?




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    Yeah, answer a bit my question J


    Ok so restarting Kannel is the way to have the server retries the message.

    Isn't a better way to handle store "expiracy" would be something quite useful than flushing the full store? 


    Actually, what would happen if you want to make a load balanced HA kannel installation. Storing your dlr in mysql seems the good way of doing that. Is there an equivalent to the store or would the store be subject to being only a single node ?

    Mathieu Bruneau


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    Hi Mathieu,


    Some answer to your questions :

    1/ it could be retrie but if no route are found, they stay until you restart Kannel and so Kannel will retry them

    2/ yes, find the files and , delete them and restart kannel


    Hope that help




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    I currently have my kannel store that contains about 300 messages. I found out yesterday that some of them were quite old ( 2 months ). 


    1) For those messages, when are they "retried" to be sent? On restart or is there some trigger inside Kannel that makes it retry them? 

    2) Is there a way to clean, let's say, the one older than 7 days? Or configured an automatic expiracy on the SMS ?



    Mathieu Bruneau




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