[PATCH] Support for MO parameters on 'generic' HTTP SMSC

Hillel hillel at ecommunicate.biz
Sun Sep 2 13:06:08 CEST 2007

Hi Alejandro,

Please explain will your patch allow Kannel users to set their own MO
parameters as well?  
If it does not do this, then are you prepared to extend your generic patch
to allow the Kannel user to set their own parameters for MO and MT?

If you will allow this, then Rene's patch (req_feat patch Rene Kluwen Wed,
09 May 2007 06:26:20 -0700)
that was suggested for a new Clickatell parameter would not be needed and
your patch could become the default standard for HTTP MO and MT that will
work for Clickatell and others.

This should then have a great chance to be accepted as it will cover future
additions by Clickatell and others as Kannel users can then add their own


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