Include miliseconds in logging

Juan Nin juanin at
Thu Nov 29 17:28:30 CET 2007

On Nov 29, 2007 2:02 PM, Stipe Tolj <st at> wrote:
> Vincent CHAVANIS schrieb:
> > ++1 But,
> >
> > with a config var that allow to activate/desactivate it.
> > and by default disabled. So no compatibility breaks
> grrr, runtime config? No way, this means we have a "branch check (if statement)"
> for EACH log entry and even ALL debug() stdout calls.
> Eather we do a configure config switch --enable-millisecconds or we do it
> default. But no runtime config, as this means runtime checks.

I'm no Kannel developer, but I think then the best option is not to
enable it by default and have a --enable-miliseconds config switch

miliseconds are usually not needed unless you want to check
throughput/windowing related stuff, so having it not enabled by
default, and having a configure switch option would be the best IMHO


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