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Chase Florell chase at infinitas.ws
Wed Nov 28 17:23:53 CET 2007

Hello, I am trying to develop a website that has the ability to send SMS.  I
am using asp.net for this application, and would like to install a gateway
on my own server.

I have initially looking at sending via email (eg.
1235556789 at txt.carrier.com) but I am running into some major issues without
dated carrier data as well as phone number portability.

For this reason, I have a few questions


1)      I am wondering if I can send sms from a web page to a kannel

2)      Is there any charge per message or anything along those lines

3)      I need to install it on a windows machine, is there

a.       Step by step instructions

b.      Someone I can pay to set it up for me.


Thank you very much for your time.


Best Regards
Chase Florell

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