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Hi Darryl,

you seem too new to use Kannel :)

Once you have run kannel with bearer box and smsbox (after reading all stuff
from userguide.pdf)

You can start developing your perl program independent from kannel
application running. Just think of Kannel as an independant process running
on a machine that accepts your requests of sending messages and thats it!
Your perl app will invoke an http based call to use kannel (also explained
well in userguide.pdf that you received with kannel distribution)

For configurations, you need to do nothing inside your prog. kannel has its
own text based configuration files that refine its functionality and you can
easily modify/configure them.


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> Please forgive me if this has been discussed ad-nauseum… but I'm very new
> (2 days now) to Kannel, am trying to wade through the documentation to make
> sense of it all, and am feeling pretty overwhelmed.
> I'm trying to implement a Perl script that pulls cell numbers from a MySQL
> database, and allows me to send an SMS text to that number (or set of
> numbers).  I have Kannel installed on my Linux/Redhat server, but it is not
> configured yet, nor have I started any processes running.
> Are there any easy-to-understand tutorials out there that address
> Perl->Kannel scripting/configuration?  Besides bearerbox, do I need both
> smsbox and wapbox to be configured and running?
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