How to get the Kannel time, in GMT+2

Hillel hillel at
Thu Jan 11 07:08:13 CET 2007


Greetings of the season to everyone and we wish all the Kannel developers
and users a wonderful 2007, a special thanks to Stipe and the others Kannel
maintainers for the great work they are doing.

When Kannel gives back a status of 8 (submit_sm responses) i.e the SMSC
acknowledgement, Kannel gives the timeDate (%t) in GMT time and not our
current local time of GMT +2.

This comes from the options used when sending the SMSs:

Does anyone know how to compile Kannel to use GMT + 2?  Or any other
suggestions to get the timeDate in GMT +2.

We are using the latest CVS.

Any help appreciated.


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