[PATCH] Mime multipart parsing

Stipe Tolj st at tolj.org
Mon Jan 8 01:11:39 CET 2007

Paul Bagyenda wrote:

> Hi,
>   There is a slight problem with the multipart parsing in Kannel's lib:
> - when parsing an enclosed multipart element fails, the module crashes
> - body elements that end in CRLF cause some problems.
> Attached is a fix for this.
> Cheers and happy new year.

Hi Paul,

the best wishes for NEW YEAR 2007!

Vincent, Martin: +1, commiting to cvs:

2007-01-08  Stipe Tolj  <stolj at kannel.org>
     * gwlib/mime.c: fixing segfault in MIME multipart parsing. Thanks to Paul
       for providing the patch, and Vincent and Martin for review.
       [Msg-Id: <D19E3735-BE32-4934-987A-B9D6A3BA31CB at dsmagic.com>]

BTW, fixed TABs in the source!!! Please do use 4 chars as intend, no tabs.

Can one of you guys pick this up and do a sophistiated test item for the MIME 
parsing module? ie. checks/check_mime.sh that feeds itself with various MIME 
examples and compares what we get and what is expected?


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