[RFC] SMPP optional TLV patch

Kyriacos Sakkas kyriacos at netsmart.com.cy
Wed Dec 19 14:46:05 CET 2007

Hi Stipe,
    Whats the path to the new branch? I have been working on a locally
patched version of CVS with this patch and have hit a few problems, but
if an "official" branch will now exist for this patch, I would rather
test and submit bug reports with this.
    Although I will not in general take part in the technical
discussions, if I can get this to work with some stability I plan to
pass a fair volume of traffic through it, and so should be able to
provide some end user/real world feedback.

Kyriacos Sakkas

Stipe Tolj wrote:
> Hi list,
> some comments and thoughts on Alex's patch:
>   Re: [PATCH] SMPP Optional Parameters
>   Date: 09.11.2007 14:54
>   Msg-Id: <fh1oq0$m5r$2 at ger.gmane.org>
> first of all, great work Alex!
> I agree that we need a config group to "define" the tag names, it's
> type and corresponding bytecode.
> The problems I see:
> a) without configuring via 'smpp-tlv' groups, we don't support any
> "known TLVs", ie. callback_num = 123 will show in the smpp_pdu_dump()
> call, but we refuse it to enpack to SMPP PDU since we don't have a
> configured group for it.
> So my suggestion is to allow all TLVs that are "known/standard" that
> come allong the meta-data fragment. In addition optional TLVs that are
> "unknown", hence vendor specific can be configured via the 'smpp-tlv'
> groups.
> b) while doing smpp_pdu_init() we would need to check that no user
> tries to define a bytecode tag with a "corrupting" type. Obviously we
> still need to obey the generic PDU field definitions. Not sure if
> someone could try to use 'smpp-tlv' to define a known bytecode with a
> different type and hence we run into "nuts" state at packing time.
> I'm commiting Alex's patch to a dedicated branch in CVS (meta-data),
> so we have a baseline for the TLV patch before merging into mainline
> HEAD when all is done.
> Stipe
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