Application Heartbeat request hangs with the increase in MO messages

Manjunath Kargal mkargal at
Sun Dec 2 11:44:59 CET 2007

Hi ,
  <devel at>
We are facing a serious problem with kannel  in our production environment.

Problem : When the number of MO messages increases , more  number of http
connections getting created and exceeds
Maximum number of concrent http connections which has been set from our web
server(apache) which is 258.
once this happens , heartbeat request or any external http request to mo
application is getting hanged or getting timed out.

we have tried setting max-pending-requests parameter to below 258 but the
issue still persists.

please can anybody let me know how to overcome this issue.

Kannel Version : Kannel-1.4.1
OS - Fedora Linux
Wenserver - apache
Servlet Engine - Resin

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