own http gateway

Niels Przybilla nprzybilla at web.de
Sat Sep 2 13:59:42 CEST 2006


in http i can define wether it is for "brunet" or "wapme". I think this is related to the http request you need for the different sms providers.

my concrete question is, where i can define the string for the http requests and the parameters for my sms provider

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Betreff:	Re: own http gateway
Autor:	Andreas Fink <andreas at fink.org>
Datum:		2. September 2006 12:44:46

what kind of gateway do you mean?

On 02.09.2006, at 00:52, Niels Przybilla wrote:

> Hi,
> how can i define my own http gateway ?
> Best regards and thnaks
> Niels

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