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Colin Pitrat colin.pitrat at
Thu Jul 13 10:20:54 CEST 2006

I re-send my patch for MWI sms.

The problem is that judging by fields_to_dcs function in sms.c, an empty 
message with an activating MWI flag should result in "discard message" 
MWI whereas a non-empty message should result in "store message" MWI.

But when the smsbox handle the message sent by sendsms HTTP interface, 
it replace the empty text by a default message. This problem is already 
highlighted in the comment in the file. Here is the interesting part of 
the file.

  * Empty message? Two alternatives have to be handled:
  *  a) it's a HTTP sms-service reply: either ignore it or
  *     substitute the "empty" warning defined
  *  b) it's a sendsms HTTP interface call: leave the message empty
  *     if at least a UDH is given.
  * XXX this still does not cover the case when the sendsms interface is
  * used with *no* text and udh. What should we do then?!
  if (octstr_len(msg->sms.msgdata) == 0 && octstr_len(msg->sms.udhdata) 
== 0) {
      if (trans != NULL && urltrans_omit_empty(trans))
          return 0;
          msg->sms.msgdata = octstr_duplicate(reply_emptymessage);

My proposition is to replace the if statement in order to check if the 
message is a mt_reply (case a) or not.

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