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It has already been fixed.
Please use CVS version

2006-02-21  Stipe Tolj  <stolj at>
  * test/fakesmsc.c: fixing option switches '-r' to '-z' for number randomization,
    which clashed with the '-r' for port specify'ing.
    Thanks to Ngurah Bagus <storymasterq at> for the report.
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lorry, I was tired. What I wanted to say is that -r option is short for 
--randomize in fakesmsc, and it's also short for --port :

if (strcmp(argv[i], "-r")==0 || strcmp(argv[i], "--port")==0)
else if (strcmp(argv[i], "-r")==0 || strcmp(argv[i], "--randomize")==0)

My version of fakesmsc is not the last one as I can't manage to browse 
cvs, so maybe it has already been corrected.


Stipe Tolj wrote:
> Colin Pitrat wrote:
>> Okay, but then there is a conflict with randomize that is -p, and the 
>> help is not consistant as it says -p for port and -r for randomize.
> ???
> Stipe
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