Desparate help needed.

Δημήτρης Ευμορφόπουλος devmorfo at
Tue Dec 5 15:32:04 CET 2006

Dear all, 


            Thank you for all your insight and replies to all my previous e-mails, but now that I'm stuck I need all the help I can get.


            The problem I have is the following:


            I have an SMPP connection with an operator that uses Halys SMSC (French brand). That freaking SMSC sends all 7bit and 8bit messages ok. When it comes to Unicode messages they do the following:


            Each message comes with the UCS2 text in it, preceded within the text with a single byte of the length of the text in characters.

            All multipart messages come properly in the message, amd/or UDH of the transaction, but again when the multipart messages are Unicode messages then each part of the message has the length of the part (not the length of the whole message) as the first byte of each part. 


            I have no knowledge of the code of the Kannel (If I have I would have at least tried to fix the problem), and what I need to do is to make Kannel strip that stinking first byte off all messages that come in from this operator. 


            Needless to say that UCS2 to UTF8 recoding for messages of this operator simply break.


            Help plz ... At least guide me to proper portion of the code so that I can create a new option for smsc group for smsc custom configuration, and the portion of the code where I should implement the code that actually strips that byte ... I NEED to do this ...


Dimitris Evmorfopoulos


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