FW: PPG and CIMD2 delivery reports

Stipe Tolj st at tolj.org
Sat Dec 2 23:36:56 CET 2006

Andrikopoulos Dimitrios wrote:

> Dear Support,
>    I have installed Kannel 1.4.1 on a Fedora Core 5 system, and I use it
> as a PPG. I use the
> attached configuration file to interconnect Kannel with a NOKIA SMS-C,
> which supports CIMD2,
> and with a MySQL database for storing the DLRs.
>   I use PAP/HTTP to send unconfirmed WAP Push messages to Kannel PPG
> which successfully
> delivers them to SMS-C, and finally on my handset. However, I get no
> "SMS level" delivery reports
> from the SMS-C. Please let me know if:
>         1. something is missing from the configuration.
>         2. the PAP XML content should contain specific tag values so as
> to trigger SMS-C DLRs.
>         3. the PAP/HTTP request should contain specific header values,
> so as to trigger SMS-C DLRs.
>   Please note that I took an ETHEREAL trace   on Kannel PPG's network
> interface and verified that 
> SMS-C didn't actually send any DLR.

Hi Dimitris,

as lined out in the other thread, make sure that the PAP HTTP header inlcudes 
both header:


wit the same logic and semantic as for smsbox's sendsms HTTP interface. Then you 
get a DLR requested CIMD2 PDU and bearerbox will also store the DLR data to 
mysql table.

Also a note on the CIMD2 connection:

 > # SMSC Nokia CIMD2
 > group = smsc
 > smsc = cimd2
 > host =
 > port = 9971
 > smsc-username = wap
 > smsc-password = wap1
 > throughput = 10
 > keepalive = 60

it's "better" (even while not "hard required") to use a 'smsc-id' for all 
connections, so you have a clean identifier for the route. This will also then 
remove the (null) from the debug lines, ie:

 > 2006-11-30 10:36:20 [8824] [6] DEBUG: CIMD2[(null)]: sending message


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