Segmentation fault on x86_64

Stipe Tolj st at
Fri Aug 18 03:49:49 CEST 2006

Peter Nixon wrote:

> Hi Alex
> It is 1.4.0. The latest rpm I have built is:
> Please note that as I am currently working on the spec file to clean it up it 
> is being rebuilt quite often so you may need to look for a new version under:
> I will test CVS HEAD on Monday to see if it works on x86_64 and report back to 
> the list.
> In the mean time I have installed the 32bit compatibility libs that SUSE so 
> thoughtfully provides for x86_64 releases and 32bit kannel and it seems to be 
> working ok.
> I notice that a stable release hasn't been made in a LONG time. Is work 
> proceeding on kannel? Is it being maintained at all?

yes, we're aware of speeding up the release-cycle... also in respect of making 
package maintainer's life for distros easier (as we see on your example).

I'll prepare 1.4.1 in the upcoming days.

And keep the 1.4.x branch more frequently released. There are some change sets 
waiting here for post 1.4.1 commiting.

Thanks again for ringing the release bell.


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